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What is a "promise ring?"

posted by  stephblake(205)

What is the value of a silver certificate?

posted by  jevitiz(142)

Where I can find loose diamonds online?

posted by  stephblake(205)

How many carats is your engagement ring?

posted by  stephblake(205)

What is the blue chalcedony?

posted by  chalcedony(2)

How do you change a watch battery?

posted by  jsmith86(15)

Are Artcarved class rings a good investment?

posted by  jennie84(12)

Who are the best scrap gold buyers on the market?

posted by  SaiPriya(26)

Can you give me some cleaning tips for pearl jewelry?

posted by  stephblake(205)

What are some ideas for creative wire jewelry?

posted by  seric(9)

How do you determine the difference in gold and pyrite?

posted by  worker37(19)

How much is a 9ct gold ring worth?

posted by  Cancan(44)

What are some good professional gemstone setting books?

posted by  Hatsa(29)

What is the cost of a 14 karat gold necklace?

posted by  Danie(993)

What can you tell me about DFB Co Jewelry?

posted by  fiendishredhead(179)

Where can I find cultured pearl earrings?

posted by  stephblake(205)

Where can I get dangling grey shell pearl earrings?

posted by  stephblake(205)

Where is the best place to get my diamond appraised?

posted by  saraphillips(268)

What is the price of silver (per gram)?

posted by  lole79(28)

Where is the best place to sell 14 karat gold jewelry?

posted by  hbach(38)

What should I look for in an Antique Eastern star jewelry?

posted by  Balaji(325)

What does a jewelery marking mean?

posted by  muffinx1(232)

Is it safe to buy a gemstone from shopping mall?

posted by  stephblake(205)

How much should one spend on an engagement ring?

posted by  stephblake(205)

How do you make gold rings?

posted by  dogsinblue(66)

How much does it cost to engrave on a ring?

posted by  worker5685(20)

How do I make a bracelet from a baseball?

posted by  BottleGuru(21)

How does a sluice box work?

posted by  mld4165(28)

What should I know about melting old jewelry?

posted by  lanka2389(11)

On which finger do men wear rings?

posted by  nicole31(67)

Can you tell me how to pierce your belly button?

posted by  Aleksandr(45)

What can you tell me about loosening lip studs?

posted by  Mickey(26)

Does a birthstone make a good engagement ring?

posted by  stephblake(205)

Will my girlfriend like a pear shaped engagement ring?

posted by  CoHere(18)

How can I tell if original jewelry is really original?

posted by  VenkateshB(17)

Are nipple rings ok for breastfeeding?

posted by  SallyJ(1010)

Can sterling silver rings be sized?

posted by  candy(76)

What's place to buy loose diamonds?‎

posted by  stephblake(205)

How much is a 10 carat gold ring worth?

posted by  VivianOblivion(62)

Who do I go to for watch band removal?

posted by  jimbo69(32)

Can you tell me how to make a stretch ring?

posted by  embockjr(709)

What is channel setting with regard to jewelry design?

posted by  stephblake(205)

How can I identify gold jewelry?

posted by  marbozon(93)

How do you remove diamond from settings?

posted by  Jennifer10(22)

Why does my silver necklace turn black?

posted by  CiCi(12)

When is it okay to take my piercing out?

posted by  eelyk321(3)

How much do tsavorite beads cost?

posted by  jdening(57)

Do they allows piercings at schools?

posted by  Gabocha(108)

How do you know if a Tiffany's vintage necklace is real?

posted by  SpokeNut(15)

What is the March birthstone?

posted by  Andrea33(29)

Does "silver" stamped on an item mean sterling silver?

posted by  joelfern(1)

What are some tips for teens about jewelry?

posted by  Marimuthu(-2)

Is there more than one birthstone for June?

posted by  dudeman4(12)

What does a pink glitter jelly bracelet mean?

posted by  axpen2007(6)

What are all of the possible piercing places?

posted by  MechanicalTurk58(10)

What is the rarest gem?

posted by  xazurianx(330)

Why are pearls round?

posted by  edillalo(31)

How can I be certain the store has a bench jeweler?

posted by  brianinmatawan(41)

How to you keep a nose stud from falling out?

posted by  DoonaJo(23)

What is gold bonded silver jewelry?

posted by  meme6186(2)

What do Irish friendship rings look like?

posted by  kate74(273)

What is the birth stone color for March?

posted by  MKAVYA(14)

How do you use thread to get a ring off your finger?

posted by  caluwi(199)

What is the tongue piercing aftercare?

posted by  Michael90(99)

How big is a 10 carat ring?

posted by  LAView(38)

Where can I go for gold watch appraisals?

posted by  Rusty(23)

What are the meanings of the jelly bracelets?

posted by  healthpro(16)

Where can you find a locket that plays music?

posted by  radhakrishna(2)

Why did my skin turn green?

posted by  DulceDeLeche(219)

How do you make a beaded lariat necklace?

posted by  RafiqKanani(13)

Should I worry about bumps on an industrial piercing?

posted by  raghu(15)

How can I make earrings?

posted by  rob84(35)

What are the standard jewelers markings for diamonds?

posted by  Bsett(6)

How much are Australia import taxes on jewelry?

posted by  ky01(7)

How do you recognize 14 karat gold?

posted by  anu22(4)

How much does an Original by Robert cost?

posted by  onlinefriend(5)

How do I make a four-strand diamond knot?

posted by  C(15)

What should I know about silver wax cast repair?

posted by  Douten(18)

What is the meaning of the jelly bracelets?

posted by  Amy30(63)

How do I make a ring with a wax ring mold?

posted by  failtorespond(41)

How can I get my ring off if my finger is swollen?

posted by  andeesuem(24)

Why do people wear shark's tooth necklace?

posted by  ubbull39(33)

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