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Can you get wedding rings made out of tungsten?

posted by  Jancis(15)

What is the value of an Elgin watch?

posted by  Adam1080(32)

What is Jared's jewelry named after?

posted by  best333(24)

Which are best online stores for diamond jewelry?

posted by  stephblake(205)

Can you see through a diamond?

posted by  cary(111)

Do they make a wristwatch television?

posted by  worker2629(15)

What does "glp" mean on jewelry?

posted by  Devin(19)

How do I set my Rolex?

posted by  kaf2050(94)

What is the June birthstone?

posted by  KellyCapelli(20)

Are plastic ear retainers a good idea?

posted by  worker426983(18)

Are expandable watchbands a good look or not?

posted by  diane(117)

How do you remove a tongue ring?

posted by  Mike37(29)

What can I do with fake gold rings?

posted by  jgofy(1)

What do you do with the wedding ring when you are divorced?

posted by  Tina34(7)

What gems are blue in color?

posted by  Roopesh(29)

What's your favorite jewelry brand?

posted by  liilii(103)

How have people worn earrings through history?

posted by  Joe(17)

What are the different types of wedding rings?

posted by  stephblake(205)

Where can I get cheap bracelets?

posted by  stephblake(205)

How can you tell a real diamond from a fake diamond?

posted by  stephblake(205)

Does sterling silver contain nickel?

posted by  foxyd78(92)

How can I restring pearls?

posted by  elsewhen(627)

How do i determine the value of silver jewelry?

posted by  elsewhen(627)

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