Question by  Bsett (6)

What are the standard jewelers markings for diamonds?

I need information on diamond markings.


Answer by  Derbyboo (442)

The marks are the 4Cs of diamonds: color, cut, karat, clarity. Color is graded from D to ZZ with D being the clearest. Cut is the type of shape: round/brilliant, emerald/rectangle, pear, diamond. Karat is the carat weight - e. g. 1 and 1/2 karats and clarity is how clear, from I(imperfect, not very) to VVS(very fine).


Answer by  dudz (84)

diamond markings are invisible to the natural eye. it is applied to the polished facet of a diamond gemstone coated the diamond gemstone surface with an electrically conductive layer so as to prevent the diamond becoming charged, forming the mark with a focused ion beam, and cleaning the diamond surface with a powerful oxidizing agent.


Answer by  ritujain (234)

Tanishq ,Nakshatra are the branded companies for diamond. In the market some false jwellers are using this brand ,so be aware from them. Otherwise you can simply buy a branded or american diamond and can fix it in any golden jwellery of yours. It will give you a diamond jwellery look. It will cost you at your reasonable prices.

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