Question by  Robbie (28)

What is the Roman Catholic law regarding cremation?


Answer by  kph0329 (637)

The Catholic Church no longer forbids cremation. The ashes of the deceased cannot be scattered but must be buried in a grave or in a mausoleum.


Answer by  zegars (61)

Roman Catholics believe that the body is a sacred object and must be treated as such. Therefore, cremation is generally looked down on. Despite this, the Church will allow it, as long as the body is still present for the funeral mass.


Answer by  Srr (105)

While there is still a strong preference for burial in the Roman Catholic church, cremation has been an allowable option since 1963. In 1997, U. S. bishops were given permission to allow cremated remains to be present during a funeral mass.


Answer by  tamkees (3203)

Since Vatican II, cremation has been allowed; however, there are a few requirements. The body must be treated reverently at all times, cremation may not occur until after the funeral mass has been said, and the ashes must be respectfully interred. You can't have your ashes spread or kept on a mantle. Rather, they should be buried or encrypted.

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