Question by  phantom (13)

How do you use astrology for your health?


Answer by  avenue12 (17)

You don't, Astrology is akin to a Ouija board, superstition has no part to play in your health. Astrology is fortune telling based on where astrological objects are in space, and in relation to each other, however, this pseudoscience, and I use that term loosely was created long before man had any real understanding about the "heavens". Consult a Doctor.


Answer by  physic (5)

Each astrological sign has various parts of the body that are areas of weakness. Libra for example have problems with their kidneys and back.


Answer by  mgoodman (204)

There is an entire branch of medical astrology. Books about which signs and planets coordinate with which body systems. For example, Pluto and Scorpio rule the bowels and overall constitution, while Leo and the Sun relate to the heart. Gemini, Virgo, and Mercury relate to the nervous system. Mostly, learning about who you are gives you insight into what's best.


Answer by  rhelms10 (310)

Astrology cannot be used for your health. It has no impact on anything, and astrological signs and interpretations are simply made up ideas. It is a bunch of nonsense, made up for entertainment.

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