Question by  Melinda (17)

What is the origin of the word sin?

I would also like the original meaning.


Answer by  thinker (34)

The word 'sin' comes down to us from Old English 'syn' and is related to the German 'sunde'. It is thought to be derived from the Latin 'sons, sontis', which means 'guilty'.


Answer by  Scrappy (48)

The word sin derives from the Middle English word sinne, which in turn was derived Old English word synn, meaning "wrong-doing, injury or hostility". The word Synn was believed to be borrowed from the Latin word sontis meaning "criminal" and the French word sons meaning "guilty. " It originally wasn't a religious term.


Answer by  dujinskir (7)

The origin of the word is Greek. Originally it meant to miss the mark, as in archery. Due to the New Testament, it has come to mean wrongdoing, specifically to break God's law.

posted by Anonymous
And to the above, it means incomplete, to be missing something...As God means "Holy" or whole. not missing anything, so "sin" lets us know we are not yet complete, or Holy, and in that like the archer, we have "missed" the mark...As in Matthew, "be ye perfect as your Father...."iscomplete"  add a comment
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