Question by  twintech48 (46)

What is involved in securing a carousel horse appraisal?

I bought a carousel horse at auction.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

You can find an Antique dealer or an independent appraiser who does appraisals. If you have a local antique shop you can call to see if they do appraisals and if they don't they are bound to know someone who does them.


Answer by  audiocupcakes (346)

Your first step to to contact an antiques dealer & appraiser who is skilled and has knowledge in all things carousel horses. This will cost you a free as appraisals are not free. They usually charge by the hour and have a minimum amount of hours they will charge you off the bat.


Answer by  raja86 (86)

Depending on the age of the item you may want to contact Christie's Auction house or Sotheby's in New York. They will give an appraisal from a very detailed complete picture. You can also contact carousel museums such as the one in Bristol Conn. These suggestions will help appraise an old carousel piece. Auction houses can appraise new ones.

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