Question by  jennifern2213 (68)

What is a homeopathic remedy for puppy pneumonia?

I need a home treatment for my dog's pneumonia.


Answer by  AnnaS (123)

Pet Alive makes an herbal homeopathic solution made for the purpose of strengthening and promoting the respiratory health of dogs. It isn't meant to be a substitute but when used in conjunction with other medicines that an animal doctor might prescribe it should help with your puppy pneumonia problem.


Answer by  Say (55)

A puppie with pneumonia or Kennel Cough will need to see a veterinarian for antibiotics. In addition to the antibiotics you may feed warm canned food and use a vaporizor. Do not attempt to supress the cough.


Answer by  Nancy89 (50)

You should get your puppy to the vet office as soon as possible. I'm a fan of homeopathic medicines but in certain cases it isn't safe to rely on them. Pneumonia can be life threatening and if not treated correctly your dog could also have long-term problems.


Answer by  assa (29)

At the starting stage its good to give homeopathy medicines like acontium 30c,sulphur 200c or vomica 30c. And for later stage arsenicum album 200c is the best.


Answer by  RoyalT (116)

Why don't you try using one of those humidifier's that are designed for medications like Vick's? That will help your puppy breathe especially if you can put the machine where he/she sleeps. There are some good homeopathic books at most stores you could check on too!


Answer by  BonChance (93)

It is really difficult to treat canine pneumonia with home treatments because there are different bacteria that could be thriving and all medicines need to be dosed according to the age and weight of the dog. Instead of homeopathic remedies consider taking your dog to the vet for some antibiotics.


Answer by  mike84 (27)

you can get a pneumonia remedy for your pet at your veterinarian. when your pet is sick you should not wait to get a remedy. with proper medicine the pneumonia lasts 7-21 days.


Answer by  tinsel2 (14)

Pneumonia is not something you should try to treat on your own, especially not when you are talking about a puppy. You should immediately take your dog to the vet.

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