Question by  hefito (226)

What is the difference between herbal remedies and homeopathic remedies?

They sometimes sound interchangeable.


Answer by  KymBerly (447)

Herbal Remedy is treating illness with or symptoms with a herb to relieve the symptoms. Homeopathic is treating the source so it does not come back by dilution.


Answer by  squirt (193)

Homeopathic remedies take an agent which could be a number of things like herbs or even viruses and dilute them down until they are something usefully for the body. A herbal remedy is just a remedy derived from a herb it may or may not be homeopathic.


Answer by  Skullwing (746)

Herbal remedies use the medicinal properties of various plants in order to heal. Homeopathic remedies consist of extremely diluted amounts of an active agent in belief that less is more.

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