Question by  ng15 (115)

What can you do about price discrimination?


Answer by  patti (29325)

First, you would have to have fairly indisputable evidence that prices for one group were deliberately set differently than those offered to another group. You would contact the Office of the Attorney General in the state where the pricing took place.

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Answer by  snceflyf (448)

Price discrimination is prevelant throughout many businesses within our society. The best way to try to deter price discimintaion is to avoid purchasing from businesses that employ this practice. There are laws to prevent price discimintaion, but businesses are quite saavy in getting around the laws.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Price discrimination is difficult to prove without videos to record proof and price comparison. Higher prices in certain neighborhoods may be the result of lack of bulk buying by small mom-n-pop stores and higher crime rates and theft. If there is price discrimination, shop elsewhere. If a large business, report the local violations to their management or legal departments.


Answer by  sxcollins (4)

If we as a society want to stop the practice of price discrimination, we need to police it ourselves. We need to stand against it to stop it!

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