Question by  timhood (43)

What can I do for horses who are stocking up?


Answer by  VanillaTwilight (281)

My horse stocked up in his back legs only in winter, probably b/c he was not getting out in the pasture/being exercised as much as normal. I wrapped his back legs everyday, and took the wraps off when riding. After riding his legs were much less stocked up.


Answer by  tc085 (73)

You can let your horse outside of its stall. the main reason why horses "stock up" is because they are confined too much. idealy what you would want to di, is take your horse outside for a fifteen minut walk at a fast pace, three to four times a day.


Answer by  Sagebrush (170)

Stocking up is a circulatory issue, particularly common in older horses who are stabled a lot. Supportive wraps are helpful for some, but regular exercise and turnout are better management tools. The frog is a pump in the foot, and every step the horse takes helps his circulation.


Answer by  Zuzu (200)

Horses who are stocking up usually do this after exercise then standing for long periods. You can use a linament and cotton wraps if stall bound, or allow free exercise.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

You're probably feeding your horse too much food. Make sure you feed your horse according to the serving instructions on the back of the feed bag. Two flakes a day of hay is plenty for a horse. Horses also often stock up when they have access to fresh grass, so adjust the hay level if they get lots of grass.

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