Question by  skaidelpirata (8)

What are some tips for an overhand serve in volleyball?

I want to be a great volleyball player.


Answer by  JB28 (285)

What I find helpful is to think of the serve motion as a throwing motion. Also, always hit the ball with the palm of your hand - this will provide the most power and accuracy. Be sure to follow through. Finally, make sure your ball toss is consistent.


Answer by  jujubee13 (29)

Some tips for an overhand serve in volleyball are, have a good toss in front of your serving arm. Spot the ball with the opposite hand, have an open hand direct contact with the ball, hit though the ball with a solid follow through.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

Some tips would be practice in close at first (not from behind the line). Get the feel of spiking the ball from about five feet from the net, and keep going back. Eventually, you'll get the feel from behind the baseline. Another tip would be practicing your overhand serve in tennis (same motion).


Answer by  alz (2329)

Make sure that when you toss the ball, you toss it high enough in the air. You want to reach up to hit the ball because if you hit it at too low of a point, you will not be able to get it high enough to clear the net.


Answer by  chad31 (13)

The key at first is just getting your coordination down and picking your spots, no need to have a jump serve to be good.


Answer by  Geo (30)

The key is following the ball with your eyes right until hitting it and practicing your release so the ball always reaches the same height before you hit it

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