Question by  art (1)

If my refrigerator temperature is only 55 degrees should I toss everything in it?

I am concerned about the food in my refrigerator, the temperature is only 55 degrees.


Answer by  mom98 (153)

The temperature in your refrigerator should be between 35 and 40 degrees, anything over that bacteria starts to grow. I would certainly toss most of the items in it, except for items that don't need refrigeration like bottles of water, soda, etc.


Answer by  lizcro326 (201)

If your refrigerator has caused the food to rise to 55 degrees, I would strongly suggest throwing the food out. Cold food should be stored at 40 degrees.


Answer by  Dhivyacomcubegmailcom (86)

Food should be stored in the refrigerator only if they are cold and ideally shouldn't be subjected to temperatures below 55 degrees.


Answer by  buggy418 (632)

Yes you should. The danger zone for temperature for food is 40 to 140 degrees. Food should be kept cooler than 40 degrees and higher than 140 degrees to keep dangerous bacteria out. Everything should be thrown out if the temperature of these items in your refrigerator is at 55m degrees.

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