Question by  tncrane (23)

How do you tell the difference between real or fake turquoise?


Answer by  Anonymous

Temperature is another test. Real stones will feel cold and heavy in the hand. Fakes are made of plastics and resins, and will just be the same as the ambient temperature. Along with the other guidelines offered here, feel the temp.


Answer by  BreannaKelly (18)

Real turquoise is known for its vivid and uniform color. It's colors can range from light sky blue to green. Real turquoise is opaque while fake turquoise can appear translucent and its color will likely fade over time or even start to appear as a different color. Fake turquoise can usually be identified by its distinctive odor.


Answer by  aj74 (53)

Fake turquoise may have a faint smell, and a more clear layer than real. The easiest way to tell if the turquoise is real is to go to a reputable dealer and get written confirmation.


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

For any kind of jewerly I would take it to a jeweler. The can tell withing minutes if items are real or not.


Answer by  Dreamlight (856)

Generally you can tell by the look and feel of the turquoise. If it has a filmy feel to it then it's more than likely fake. A stone feel is generally real. Just so you know, turquoise comes in more than one color. Usually though it's not worth it to counterfeit turquoise as it is not that valuable.

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