Question by  Skip (14)

How can you tell the difference between fake diamond rings and real ones?


Answer by  MicheleJ (50)

Condensation on a real diamond ring will evaporate almost immediately. To test to see if the diamond is real, breathe some hot air onto it and see if the condensation evaporates.


Answer by  worker76 (773)

HUGE difference. Someone who isnt paying attention may not tell a difference. Even someone people may stare at a fake one and think its real for a moment. but next to a diamond. Completely different appearance. Go with real...people can tell fake easily


Answer by  stephblake (205)

The shadows and shades reflected in real diamond will be shades of gray while for fake diamond it would be rainbow colors.

Reply by waycross48 (1):
The "rainbow" test is not always a good test. I have several certified GIA diamonds and when a bright light is shined on them from the top they reflect tiny particles of gold,lavender, etc.My one "fake" looks like a bright rainbow. Breath works best!!  add a comment

Answer by  suzyq16 (47)

Sometimes the best way to tell real diamonds from cubic zirconium is to look at the person wearing the diamonds. If they are in shabby clothing and have 5 carats in each ear, they are probably fake.

posted by Anonymous
Surprised to hear this from somebody with your wisdom on diamonds. Haven't you been taught "Don't judge a book by it's cover"? A person can be well dressed and wearing ziconium earrings, same as if they are in shabby clothing wearing real diamonds.........................................?  add a comment

Answer by  aearthdragon (471)

There are many ways: Easy way: get a diamond tester that is proven correct. Harder way: Get a refractometer with polarizing lense Hardest way: Learn the various diamond and stimulants inclusions


Answer by  dr84bhl (2789)

Raise the diamond up to the light, light should bounce of and not go through the diamond so you can see through the gem.A fake diamond does not have the brilliance and is dull in luster.


Answer by  Rachel54 (109)

I would take a ring to the jewelry store. Diamonds are hard, and so it wouldn't break if you were to test it by maybe hitting it. I've heard that you can tell by the setting the diamond is sitting in.


Answer by  stephblake (205)

You have take it to the lab. as they are the one who will examine your diamond ring and gives you the exact report. This way you can get a precise info about the quality of your diamond ring.


Answer by  Dinagirl (182)

smash it... if its fake it breaks

Reply by alysiaspeekaboo (1):
You can too smash a diamond. It is a common miss conception about a diamond. Don't smash it. It is not indestructable. They just won't turn into dust or millions of pieces. However you can chip it or break it.  add a comment
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