Question by  elsewhen (627)

Do you know anyone that has lost their job in the last three months?

not because they were fired for poor performance, but layoffs due to the downturn in the economy?


Answer by  penrose (235)

Yes, i know a couple. job losses have been mounting and it is getting ugly out there. I think eventually everything is going to turn around, but it might get worse before it gets better.


Answer by  puella22 (160)

Yes, I do. A relative of mine worked in finance and computerization for the headquarters of a major upscale dining chain. He had been employed by them for almost four years. They had to let go about 1/3 of their personnel. They also closed a number of their restaurants and stopped construction on several others.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Yes, I know of several. One lost his job due to the planned capital project losing funding, thus not needing a project planner anymore. Several sales staff laid off.

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