Question by  Cole (26)

Can you tell me about home made wind generators?

I'm extremely interested in trying to generate my own power.


Answer by  Steve95 (108)

Try using a homemade generator using an old car generator and making 12 volt electricity. It can be used for lighting or cell recharge, easy place to start.


Answer by  Zon (122)

You'll require DC generator, battery storage, and inverter (to change DC to AC for home use). Recommend you look at typical sailboat generation systems (read Nigel Calder).


Answer by  Bugmann (130)

You can make one with a car alternator. Attatch the blades, and hook the alternator to a car battery. Connect the battery in parallel to a power inverter, to make A/C. You will need quite a few batteries and turbines to power a whole house.


Answer by  crabfoot (253)

That is a lot to cover here. You need to search for "intermediate technology" books and websites. I have seen an effective one made from an old oil drum.


Answer by  bharathi (22)

Nature can provide energy,so we can save electricity cost. It is never affect environment. Power that is available in atmosphere is five times greater than what the world is currently consuming.

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