Question by  bill43 (5)

How do you make your own wind chimes out of coke cans?

I would like to make my dad a coke wind chime and need some instructions on how to do so.


Answer by  HawaiianGirl (6906)

YOu will need some fishing line as well as something to poke holes in each can. Tie the fishing line through the hole and hang accordingly.


Answer by  saloon (64)

Take the coke can and put some pebbles into it.Use few lightweight pebbles since the cans have to move in the wind. Seal the can and attach a cord by making two small holes in the can and passing strong thread through them. Make around 3 of these cans and tie the ends of those 3 threads together.


Answer by  visavis (20)

You will need seven soda cans, plastic string, and a coat hanger. Cut seven lengths of string to lengths from 14' – 10'. Attach the string to each soda can through the tab on top. Then, attach each string to the coat hanger with a secure knot.

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