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Question by  Alex1880 (23)

Why do you need a curry comb?

I am trying to learn a lot about horses.


Answer by  SallyManda (308)

There are several different types of brushes used when grooming a horse. A curry comb, which is used normally in a circular motion, helps to get remove loose hair and dirt from the horse. It can get down to the skin level to help prevent skin problems.


Answer by  kak (488)

A curry comb is usually the first horse groomer tool of the day. It loosens dirt and hair plus stimulates natural skin oil production. They are not used on the leg or head because they are too rough. It is best to use them in a circular motion.


Answer by  horselover (6)

A curry comb helps bring dirt to the surface so it can be easily brushed away. It also helps to exfoliate removing any dead skin cells or hair present.


Answer by  partyanimal33 (452)

A curry comb it the most useful tool in your grooming back for bringing sand and dirt up from under the hair on the coat and onto the surface of the horse so it can be easily brushed away.


Answer by  LisaParker (25)

A curry comb has small teeth like to help remove dirt and winter hair from the horse. This helps with keeping the coat clean and healthy. It can be made out of plastic or rubber.

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