Question by  dingo (12)

What is the history of tarot card reading and wiccan culture?


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

Tarot reading predates formal Wiccan culture which was codified by Gerald Gardner. Wiccans accept and use Tarot as a prediction of choices, not absolutes. Properly read, the Tarot shows you the paths, choices in your life. Incorrectly read, a reader will predict absolutes like death, or ask you for money to insure that you will be safe. Avoid them.


Answer by  Zampano (164)

Tarot began as a card game in 15th century Europe and became widely used in mystic circles for divination in the 18th century after a book by Antoine Court de G├ębelin which explored their symbolism. Wiccan culture is an alternate religion which takes traditions from many occult and "pagan" practices.


Answer by  km8738 (1917)

Tarrot cards themselves were developed sometime in the 1300s in Europe, while our first record of there existence is around 1400 in Italy. In the 1700s the general outlook on Tarrot began to associate with magic and mysticism. It was believed that gypsies were descendents of ancient Egyptians and gained their power through lineage.


Answer by  Arin (247)

There is none.

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