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Question by  ez (187)

What is mild facet arthrosis?

My mother just told me she has mild facet arthrosis.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

It is just a fancy term for arthritis or osteo arthritis. If you look it up you will find it under any of those headings. When she goes back to the doctor go with her and tell the doctor they need to explain what this is so you can understand it better.


Answer by  Cali2307 (1337)

The facet joints are the connectors between the vertebrae in your spine. Just like any other joint, they allow us to maneuver by bending and twisting. In facet arthrosis, these joints can become irritated and inflamed. This results in a stiffening of the back, some stiffness in the neck, and can have further complications if untreated.


Answer by  LisaJewel (14)

This occurs when the spine, through everyday joint stress, begins to add additional bone matter to the facets of the vertebra. This narrows the nerve pathway, often resulting in pain.


Answer by  NYCCDC (311)

Facets are joints in your spine between each vertebra. Mild arthrosis means in general terms that she has mild arthritis or degeneration. This is common and occurs in nearly everyone as we age. Pain is sometimes associated with it. Tell her to stay active and see a chiropractor or PT.


Answer by  G12345 (1808)

This is when there is inflammation of the joint insertion of the facet joints of your spine. It is typically degenerative osteoarthritis but can be connective tissue disease.


Answer by  apocalv (217)

Mild facet arthrosis is inflamation due to wearing out of the facet joints. These connect bones together. It is the less severe form of this chronic condition and is similar to arthritis.


Answer by  psotelo (0)

i was diagnosed with mild facet arthosis i am very concerned about this i really didn't receive answers, my question is what is my limits of work i was told not to by my pt my doctor says very limited, how much is limited?

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