Question by  rc (21)

What is a good algae eating fish for my aquarium?


Answer by  Anonymous

A sucker fish! Or one of those cleaner prawns.


Answer by  Paintballer90210 (56)

The best algae eating fish for your aquarium would accually be a fish called an algae eater. They sell them at your local pet store. All it eats is algae.


Answer by  alpk11 (173)

Mollies are a good fish to help get rid of some algae in a tank. Suckermouth catfish also work well.


Answer by  sonja (15)

The Plecostomus catfish is an excellent algae eater if you have a large aquarium. For smaller fish tanks, the Octocinclus catfish is a better choice to help control algae growth.


Answer by  Tanya (30)

The 'plecostomus' fish is an excellent choice for efficient algae control. For small aquariums, the 'otocinclus', often called 'the oto' is perfectly suited. Both are safe for community tanks.

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