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Question by  babyroobattistayahoocom (21)

What is the best small aquarium on the market?

I would like to get a fish aquarium for my childs room, I do not want it to be too large as it would over power the room.


Answer by  sharonl (250)

For a beginner aquarium, the largest that a person can afford is the best. There is less room for error with a bigger aquarium. Personally i would chose at least a 10-20 gallon aquarium. If that is too large for the space then i would go with the All-Glass brand Mini Bow 5.5 gallon aquarium. Do not overstock it.


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

The ten-gallon aquarium is still the most popular. Nano Footprint, Eclipse Explorer, and the All Glass Mini-Bow are mini aquariums that offer convenience in smaller spaces.


Answer by  unmeinohi3543 (137)

A simple ten gallon tank will suffice for a child's room. It's a good size to have a reasonable number of fish, but not too costly and time consuming.


Answer by  Znufoc01 (227)

For a small tank (i. e. 10gal), most are very similar. Focus should be placed on the filter and any fish store will be able to show you very good ones.

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