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Question by  mouscelia (170)

What is a 2 legged insect that lives in pool water?


Answer by  gromgorn (14)

There is an insect that lives in very shallow waters called the "anchor bug." It floats on top of the water and extends two long legs to the bottom to steady itself. It waits in this position without moving until a smaller insect swims between its legs. When this happens it seizes the interloper with its legs and eats it.


Answer by  Donald (42)

Sometimes it depends on the pool that you have but the kind that I have on my pool are called water boatman bugs. The boatman bugs babies have two legs ,but the mothers of the boatman bug usually have four or five legs. The easiest way to get rid of them is keep it clean.


Answer by  rfoltz33 (217)

By traditional definition all insects have 6 legs. This cannot be an insect unless it is using mimicry to appear to have 2 legs for some reason. Perhaps it is pushing its legs together so it just appears to have 2 legs. Or maybe it lost 4 legs somehow.


Answer by  et (154)

The answer is a human that you don't want in your pool! There is no such thing as a two legged insect! Insects by definition have six legs, no more, no less. So I think you need to re-examine what you are looking at and find a better description.

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