Question by  caffeine (41)

What exercises can I do to get a good ab workout?

I'm okay with using special equipment.


Answer by  sonicfoundation (2597)

The best exercises for a quality ab workout do not require any special equipment. Simple crunches are among the best exercises you can do to strengthen your abs. Just make sure you do them correctly or you can injure yourself. Also, an exercise called the plank is very effective for abs.


Answer by  az1234 (9)

I usually do yoga to keep my abs in shape. The plank, sideways plank, downward-facing dog, and push-up position are helpful for building strength. Doing flows, especially balance flow and sun salutations is good for building stamina and burning fat. Other than that, I like to use a balance ball (the big rubber ball they usually have at gyms.)


Answer by  lonelywolf (2117)

All you really need is a barbell and some weight plates. Weighted sit-ups, good morning exercises, and overhead squats will challenge your abs better than any specialized machine.


Answer by  jamyah24 (110)

There are a few exercises that helps target the abs in the most effective way. Some of which is the Bicycle, Captain's Chair leg raise, Exercise Ball Crunch, Vertical Leg Crunch, Long Arm Crunch, Reverse Crunch, and a Plank on elbows and toes, all of which are very effective.


Answer by  bong (44)

You can't rid off the fat on your belly by doing sit-ups alone or a variety of AB workout. You also have to do a cardiovascular training like running.aerobics or any other cardiovascular exercises for best results for your abs.


Answer by  ctfrank30 (19)

The best answers for the abs work the core and the obliques. Cruches and side cruches are good examples but any similar bodyweight exercises are good. The key is nutrition...


Answer by  Doomstoned (1454)

Consider using a simple decline bench to perform sit-ups or crunches. Make sure to perform the movement slowly, paying strict attention to contracting the abdomenal muscles through the movement.

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