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Question by  mandiravathi (22)

What can you tell me about a betta fish bubble nest?

I need to learn more about my betta fish.


Answer by  MrsGigandet (51)

A bubble nest is something male bettas build for females to lay their eggs in. It means they are healthy and mature.


Answer by  sdblack99 (329)

This is completely normal behavior that all male bettas perform (bettas with long fins are male). They are preparing to breed whether there is a female present or not, and this nest is meant to be the protection for baby fish. The female betta (not common in stores as they arn't as beautiful) doesn't care for its young.


Answer by  navywriter (790)

A bubble nest is what the male betta builds when he is interesting in spawning with a female. He uses it to keep the eggs and young safe.


Answer by  Janssen (19)

The bubble nest is created by the male, then the female releases her eggs into the nest. If there is both a male and a female in the bowl, the nest could possibly have fertilized eggs. However, if there is only a male and there is a bubble nest, then it's an empty nest and can easily be cleaned .


Answer by  Anonymous

if there is a female in the bowl if she is not satisfied with the nest she will destroy it and the male will rebuild and when the nest is ready if the female is pregnant the male will squeeze the eggs out and put them in the nest

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