Question by  willowtree (55)

How do normal betta fish behave?


Answer by  ladybud (1069)

Lazy some time's almost look's like it is just hanging in the water motionless.Put a mirror in front of the be beta and they will change color's.but they are a not so active of fish at all.

Reply by someone33 (4):
thanks for the tip because my betta fish is not moving around so much and i was thinking she was sick oh and thanks again!!!!!:)  add a comment

Answer by  mss (25)

Females are usually lazy and non-confrontational. Males are usually very competitive and will fight to the death with any fish close to it's size (especially other Betta fish). If you hold up a mirror to male betta fishes it will puff up and get bigger because it is preparing to fight. The same will happen with other fish it sees.


Answer by  jaw2009 (109)

Normal beta fish are rather sluggish and not very active unless mating or fighting over territory. Two males will fight if housed together, males with females will build nests.


Answer by  icanoutfishyou (1148)

Betta fish are generally lethargic, only making large movements when eating or in a defensive stand. They only become aggressive when around other betta fish.


Answer by  Tara (45)

Normal male Betta fish are very territorial. If you put a mirror near the bowl, they will spend hours trying to attack their own reflection. Male betta's also create bubbles at the top of the bowl. These would be eggs if a female and good water conditions are present.


Answer by  Dana46 (2345)

Solitary Betta fish spend most of their time being pretty docile. If they have a perch such as a bowl decoration or plant root, they will often rest against that for hours. When placed with other bettas they are aggressive and territorial.


Answer by  Ben3889 (178)

normal beta fish are mean in my opinon they attack the other non aggressive fish in the tank I dont reccomend buying them.


Answer by  neuz (12)

i think that betta fish is realy hard to maintain because that fish susceptible to water conditions and males usually flare to court their partner or to warn of intruders...maybe he's to distracted where he is, and he needs a bigger tank to be even more happer.


Answer by  someone33 (4)

sometimes they will just lay down for hours so dont be scared if your fish lies down oh and dont put to betta fishs in the same tank or else 1 of them goes bye- bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Answer by  Anonymous

Betta fish both male and female are not always lethargic. They like to do tricks and each have their own personality. The females are definitely more docile than the male bettas. Also keep in mind that males are not always uber aggressive either.

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