Question by  bobreujr (25)

What can I do about a metallic taste in my mouth from my thyroid medicine?


Answer by  Josh36 (16)

To get rid of any taste in your mouth might I recommend a blend of spicy vegetable juice with some mint (not a bloody mary though) followed by some warm tea with lots of honey. The vegetable juice will be for the day and the tea will be for the night.


Answer by  jamieellison (1637)

Many people try to mask the metallic taste by regularly swishing with a good mouthwash, chewing a flavored gum or sucking on hard candies. Gargling with a salt water solution is also a unique and often favored solution. Ultimately, you can speak with your physician to see if your medication levels can be adjusted to prevent this side effect.


Answer by  jonnyd (94)

The cause of this phenomenom can be directly linked to the amount of iron and other metallic materials found in the thyroid medication. Metalics are a commonly found ingrediant in the majority of modern advances in medicine. The best solution for this is to take your medicine with a lot of fluid.


Answer by  sakthi68 (37)

Try a table spoon of honey. It should work. Taking grounded pepper along with milk also, helps to some extent. However, honey is the best remedy. It not only changes the taste but, it has also got a feel good flavor with it. Some people try chewing gum as an alternative too.

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