Question by  IsmaraNadir (31)

What is the biggest recorded diamond ever found?

What was the total weight of the largest diamond, and what is its worth?


Answer by  eldergeek (473)

The 3106 carat Cullinan diamond, found by Frederick Wells on January 26th, 1905 in the Cullinan mine, near Pretoria in South Africa's Gauteng province, remains, to date, the largest diamond ever found. This mine remains active and a 507 carat white diamond was unearthed there as recently as September of 2009.


Answer by  bris (82)

Cullinan may be consider as the answer. It's weight was 3106. 75 carats before uncut. Then it was cut into star of diamonds weighing 530. 2 carats.. Carat is the term used to express the weight of a diamond, with one carat equaling 200 milligrams of actual weight. This mined in South Africa in 1905,

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