Question by  ljgdasfhk (51)

What are some Victorian activities for children?

I have a home school group to teach.


Answer by  musthafa15 (31)

There are more victorian activities available for children. Some of the hands on activities are paper dolls, puzzles, construction games and stories related to themes, which helps them to develop. Some board games that children played were centuries old. Examples of some of the favourites include checkers, chalk boards and chalk, building blocks, cup and ball.


Answer by  case (1261)

The activity that pops into my head is paper dolls. This activity is more geared towards a girl but you could create something for a boy too. I would make a solider and have different uniforms for the boy and then use the traditional doll with accessories for a girl.


Answer by  CEEFORINA (784)

Parents believed that children should not practice pastimes that would fatigue them. Reading,playing with toy theaters, and games like Charades, Blindmans Bluff and Pin the tail on the donkey. Learning sewing or stitching. Painting in watercolors and drawing. Cricket or soccer for boys / croquet or lawn tennis for both sexes. Educational card and board games. Hoops and sticks.


Answer by  worker9016 (31)

Dress in clothes stylish to that period. Then have a tea party instructing the children on manners. Another idea is to have a flower garden replica of the Victorian period.

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