Question by  sillyme (11)

What are some Northwest logging songs?


Answer by  Gingercakes (920)

"Songs of the Pacific Northwest" by Phil Thomas is a popular book that has many logging songs, plus a lot can be found on a google search on the internet. Also popular is songwritter Otto Oja and "Bunkhouse and Forecastle Songs of the Northwest" by Stanley Triggs. Hope this helps!


Answer by  Latin4 (11170)

The Old Settler. Frozen Logger, Roll on Columbia and Washington, Washington are some of the Northwest loggins songs. There are many websites that has this info.


Answer by  jamminjan0208 (102)

The Bold Northwestman, Roll on Columbia, The Old Settler, The Frozen Logger, Washington, Washington, The San Juan Pig, and Notice to Mariners are just some of the more noted historical content of the Northwest Logging songs.


Answer by  gfraticellihotmailcom (21)

Roll on Columbia written by Woody Guthrie in 1941. The Old Settler written by Francis Henry in 1874. The Frozen Logger written by James Stevens in 1951.

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