Question by  tina78 (45)

What are some good presents for my wife?

She never likes what I give her.


Answer by  dedre (998)

Most women enjoy being pampered. A gift certificate to a salon or spa is a great gift idea. Also, a gift basket with gourmet chocolates, indulgent bath and body supplies, and a personalized card is another idea. A mall gift certificate can also bring a smile to a woman's face!


Answer by  Dreamlight (856)

Things like candy or other types of specialty food are good. You'll want to find out what she likes in this regard. Do not go for clothes or shoes, as most women prefer to shop for themselves. Just find out what she's into and then try to give her that.


Answer by  Jolie (1227)

Try to get her something that is very thoughtful and took work to create. Also it is likely she has been mentioning what she would like. Try to pay attention to subtle hints so that you know what to get her. If you put alot of thought into it im sure she will love it.


Answer by  Lisa6938 (485)

If you have difficulty buying a present for your wife, look into a gift card or gift certificate to her favorite store. She may also appreciate a "spa day" or "spa weekend" wherein she can partake in a series of beauty and stress relief treatments.


Answer by  Kim23 (145)

It depends on your wife and what she likes and what the occassion is. I like candles because I love for my home to have a nice smell.

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