Question by  damooksta (59)

What are some cheap vacation spots?

I lost my job since our last family vacation, but we still want to take our kids on a trip.


Answer by  starshine (22)

Try places that are close by so that you don't have to pay for airfare. But if you can afford airfare try Thailand. It's super cheap once you are there,just pricey to get there.


Answer by  JENN2525 (220)

Well the cheap places to go would be Hawaii or you could also consider going to Mexico. California is good for kids and it's cheap. Also Florida is another family hot spot. You could also take a road trip from where you live and visit the places that come by.


Answer by  NorcalDogma (81)

Explore nature and head to the national or state parks. Tents or bare cabins are much cheaper than hotels. The trip can be very cost effective, and adventurous too!


Answer by  luv2craft (140)

My favorite method for getting travel when I'm broke is by visiting places where I have family or friends to stay with. Not only will you get free/cheap accommodations, but you will have expert travel advisors that can point you to all the best and cheaper attractions.

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