Question by  jwl312 (6)

What are some ideas for cheap trips?

We want a vacation but don't have a lot of money.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Go the the library and see if your area has a "day trips" book available. It's surprising how many historical sites, museums and points of interest there are, even within 50 miles of home.


Answer by  snessia (991)

I would visit national parks. They are gorgeous and can offer different activities. There is usually a fee for entry, but nothing like amusement parks and other places. You can find a range of lodging from camping to motels. Hint: staying outside a park, but nearby is cheaper than inside.


Answer by  brittann (200)

Taking a road trip with friends and driving to a friends house that is out of the state is always fun and a good way to save money.


Answer by  mstngpam (304)

Most cruise lines offer mini vacations including your state room for four days, three nights and all meals on board. Usually including one port of call, on board free activities, entertainment and pools giving you the option of never leaving the ship. Excursions, drinks, and special activities are not included. For relaxation, this is the answer.

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