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Question by  BirdOnAWire (171)

Should I just pool a lose baby tooth that will not fall out on its own?

My daughter has a baby tooth barley hanging on, but it is hanging on and has been for a week now. If I pull it would it hurt her?


Answer by  bigwig (654)

Pulling out a loose baby tooth will hurt a little and feel strange, but it's perfectly natural. Kids pull their own baby teeth out or have their parents do it all the time.


Answer by  sadiesmom (254)

It sounds like it is ready, so you can pull it whenever you are ready. It may hurt for a second, but shouldn't cause any severe pain.


Answer by  MattK (1713)

A baby tooth loose for a week should be pulled out if not falling out on its own. Take a plier and have your wife grab the child by the arms. Make sure she can't move but that she can see the pliers. Grab the tooth and pull as slowly as possible to make it a memorable event.


Answer by  moonzi (286)

No, pulling it might hurt your child. It may be less painful if your daughter flips it over with her tongue to get it off.

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