Question by  troy46 (20)

Is Morning Glory toxic for horses?


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

Absolutely, and I have known this since I first picked up a halter. You should be absolutely aware of your horse's environment. Not only are many common farm plants toxic to horses, but they will get into anything they can that will harm them. You need to be VERY proactive/protective.


Answer by  spicykissa (201)

The ASPCA has morning glory on their list of garden plants that are toxic for dogs, so it seems likely that it is also toxic for horses. The dose makes the poison--eating a small amount by accident is probably fine, but be careful.


Answer by  LoganBFishburn (124)

Yes the plant called Morning Glory is a toxic plant that affect horses. The leaves and stems are toxic containing an unknown toxin. Symptoms of poisoning include, gastrointestinal distress accompanied by explosive diarrhea, frequent urination, and depressed reflexes. In excessive amounts it is known to cause all sort of problems including death to the horse.

Reply by kaot (12):
It doesn't contain an "unknown toxin." It contains LSA, or ergine.  add a comment
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