Question by  iloveeating (181)

I can't get to Aloha Airlines anymore. Can you suggest another Hawaii-based airline?

The Web address doesn't work anymore.


Answer by  AllanR (43)

There are lots of other airlines to choose from: Hawaiian Airlines is the largest, but there is also Island Air, Pacific Wings, Go! Airlines, and Mokulele Airlines, although some of these only do inter-island flights within Hawaii.


Answer by  Starfish (214)

Yes, Aloha Airlines ended passenger flights in 2008 and they only transport cargo now. You can try Hawaiian Airlines, the 11th biggest US airline. No fatal accidents, good at being on time, few cancellations, few oversales and good baggage handling. Some sources say they are the best carrier serving Hawaii.


Answer by  Danielle2480 (247)

There are several Hawaii based airlines. Choices include Hawaiin Airlines, Mesa Airlines, Island Air, Pacific Wings, Interisland Airways and Pacific Air Charters


Answer by  HawaiianGirl (6906)

Aloha Airlines shut down after they went bankrupt. Hawaiian Airlines and go airlines are the two airlines still available in Hawaii.

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