Question by  Jackson78 (145)

How often does cashier check fraud happen?

It's hard to get cashier's checks accepted now.


Answer by  acelanders67 (381)

Cashier check fraud does not occur as frequently as you'd expect. However, this will always be a risk with any retail store or gas station for those who know how to perform this crime. Make sure the check fits the bill; keep a key eye on your account balance and make sure the name of the checkholder is filed.


Answer by  flamiss22 (5081)

This is one of the most popular crime today as it happens virtually every day. The reason is most thieves can make their own checks and try to cash them.


Answer by  Dolly729 (9)

I honeslty believe that it happens every day, several times a day. There are so many people on the internet now that are trying to scam people. The ones that are getting hurt are the ones that are just trying to make some extra money, and many people unfortunately are taking advantage of them.

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