Question by  olpe (29)

How do you repair a DE filter?


Answer by  RoxisRunner (87)

The DE Filter is a great choice, but has one main flaw that cause malfunction. That is the clogged filter. This fix is very simple to replace the filter, but if the malfunction has caused the filter to become stuck within the filter then you would have to cut the filter from inside the unit which can be very difficult.


Answer by  tabish20 (50)

Push/pull the valve in up position, reserves the flow into the filter. Allowing dirty water to go out the waste. Replace worn or damaged grids. You have done it.


Answer by  ashzin (10)

In order for you to repair a DE filter, first you must know exactly what part of the filter is broken. If the filter is cracked or broken, you are going to have to replace the filter with a brand new one because the old one is no good anymore.

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