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Question by  anthony (45)

How do you cure a dry throat?


Answer by  lei (490)

There are many things that can cause dry throat. If you are a smoker, you should decrease or try to eliminate the habit. Smoking can cause your mouth and throat to dry up as an effect of the smoke itself. If you don't smoke, try drinking more water.


Answer by  knowitall39 (475)

Well obviously you need to make sure you are getting plenty of fluids. Drink lots of water and fruit juice. Stay away from dairy which will only make the problem worse. You can also use cough drops which will make your throat feel coated and less dry. You should also try tea with honey.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

A dry throat can be caused by many things such as a dry environment. It may help to figure out what starts the throat problem then you can sometimes fix it. Cough drops or steamed air could help.


Answer by  cafish (2035)

Drink six glasses of water throughout the day. Humidify your home. Chew gum to promote saliva. Drink tea with honey to soothe your throat.

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