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Question by  Smurphie (19)

How do I switch birth control packs?


Answer by  shorty (208)

The first thing you need to do is contact your OBGYN and make sure switching packs isn't goin to affect you and your period in any way. Then I would pick it up from the pharmacy and follow the doctor's writien orders. If you have any symptoms, call the docotr immeadiately.


Answer by  healthpro (16)

There are two primary methods. First, if you are switching brands, simply finish the pack you are taking and start the new one as you would normally. Second, if you are switching because you forgot to take them for too many days, throw away the current pack and start the new one on Sunday, or your regular first day.


Answer by  mechanicalturk1001 (40)

The best time to make a change from one hormonal birth control (pills, patches, or rings) is at the end of the cycle. When you come to the end of the "off" week, properly dispose of the old one and begin the new one.


Answer by  Francy (34)

Finish all the pills in the current pack, including the placebo pills, then immediately begin the new pack the following day and take as directed. Your gynecologist or clinician can go over this with you as well.

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