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Question by  Tz (12)

How can I tell if my pet rat is pregnant?


Answer by  alpk11 (173)

Some symptoms to look for in rat pregnancy are a swollen stomach and increased appetite. The symptoms in animals are much like humans in some cases. The best thing you can do if you suspect your rat is pregnant is just wait. If she is pregnant, you will find tiny baby rats in the cage someday soon.


Answer by  candie12 (11)

i have three rats two females and one male. One of my females grace was preg before but she only had one baby and it died! poor lil thing i named it spirit but i think she is pregnant again.the signs of ur pet rat being prego is that_her_belly_seems_to_be_getting_bigger_each_day!her_appitite_will_also_change.She_will_also_start_making_a_nest_a_couple_of_wweeks_or_maybe_the_day_she_has_them!


Answer by  Sammer (72)

The best suggestion is to take the rat the vet and have them find out for you. Or, of course, you could just wait it out.

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