Question by  lanolin (14)

How can I prepare for a long train journey?


Answer by  Marsha (2337)

Buy a travel pillow. Get plenty of paperback books. Get your ipod or mp3 player ready. Take along some small sncaks and a small electroic game. You might be able to do some handwork if that interests you and you are not the type to get motion sickness. Most importantly, take a good attitude!


Answer by  Aces99 (137)

Prpare for a long train journey by packing at least one change of clothing, some snacks, and plenty to keep you entertained. You may wish to change into the set of clothes and the train may not provide you with snacks of your preference. Even consider some heigene products incase you get stinky and iky.


Answer by  sharon52 (195)

Consider getting a map so that you can follow the route of the train and identify sights you'll view as you go along. Get a selection of books and magazines. A books of crosswords or other puzzles is a good companion. Needlework or another craft that transports easily also will help pass the time.


Answer by  TwoToneDodge (2204)

Be prepared to sit for a long time. Bring books or writing materials with you so you have something to occupy yourself. Also get up and walk around often. Keep the blood flowing through your legs so they don't get stiff and sore.

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