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Question by  MomOf6 (24)

Does eating too much protein make my urine smell?


Answer by  jalucia (936)

Abnormal urine could be an indication of liver failure, Ketonuria, Maple sugar urine disease (very rare), Phenylketonuria (rare), Rectal fistula or a UTI. Too much protein can put stress on the liver and the kidneys. If your urine smells you're probably beyond eating too much protein and need medical intervention.


Answer by  bullet02 (172)

Eating protein does not really affects the smell of the urine. But when too much protein content is found in the urine may indicate that there is an underlying problem which affects the urinary system and if not given immediate action may also affect the whole body system.


Answer by  Maria100 (33)

Yes, it sure does. But on the other hand, think as well about drinking enough spring water or herbal tea and you will see good results in a day or two!


Answer by  Esteme (274)

Yes, this will certainly cause this, especially if you are on a diet like atkins. As ketones get released, they go into the urine, and this causes a particularly strong smell. It's not good for your body, so be sure to eat enough healthy carbs along with the protein you consume.

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