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Question by  grafixx (16)

What could be causing my urine smell?

My urine smells like vinegar.


Answer by  sunnyinTN (40)

Everything from supplements, to diet, to illness or disease can cause urine to smell strong or foul. If you are in pain or are overly concerned, call your doctor.


Answer by  herzog (555)

Urine should normally be clear and very pale yellow. It can become darker, cloudier and more smelly if you habitually drink too little water. Lack of water causes the kidneys to concentrate the urine to conserve the water for body functions. This applies to those who drink only coffee or tea and not pure water, even though they drink alot.


Answer by  KMcRae (714)

Certain foods can cause this smell. If you have been drinking heavily alcohol and are dehydrated this could also be a cause. Bacterial infections are also possible.


Answer by  marypeter (13)

this is getting common problem all over the world some know the causes and mostly dont know as i consider if there is smell in urine first thing is bad hygiene of that area that lead to infection that infection can come to bacteria and fungai ,dresses irritation can be

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