Question by  e102 (16)

Does a baby sign language book teach you anything you don't already know?

Don't we already know the sign for "eat"?


Answer by  owlie (231)

There are many more signs that you can teach your baby, such as "milk," "more," and "finished," which will help your baby to communicate when they are pre-verbal.


Answer by  Sarita79 (79)

There are several different books on the market, and some are better then others. But, one containing 25 to 30 words can help your baby communicate better sooner.


Answer by  Ali41 (1593)

For baby sign language, you don't need a book. You can actually make up any sign you want. The key is to be consistent. When you teach your baby the sign, do it in the same way each time. It can also help to say the word at the same time.

You have 50 words left!