Question by  Kat (32)

Can you spray miracle grow on tomato plants to fertilize them?


Answer by  baby75 (126)

Yes. Spray miracle grow and water mixture using spray bottle on the leaves of tomato plant and pour some at the root, which will work as a fertilizer.


Answer by  beefcakejake (110)

No. Spraying fertilizer directly on any plants runs the risk of burning the outer layer. Nearly every fertilizer is meant to be mixed or sprayed at the soil. If all else fails, it would be best to check if this very issue is addressed on the fertilizer's container. I hope this has been of some help


Answer by  Huntress (1935)

There is a specific spray made by Miracle Grow for tomato plants that you could purchase. I would recommend tomato plant fertilizer spikes also to keep nutrients in your soil.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

No I did that and it burned all my plants and they died I had to start all over again with my tomato plants not a good time and I followed the directions on the bottle and did it after the sun went down and everything.


Answer by  JRossi17 (788)

Yes you can, make sure it is diluted down though or else you will have problems. A good fertalizer to use in the beginning is root blaster.


Answer by  Chazz11bravo (0)

Google How to organically control tomato blight. The weekend gardener. She's a little how do I put it? Repetitive/thorough. I'm still learning but do we ever stop? I just try to pass on what good knowledge I can. Anymore questions can be sent to 1antispamacctforchazzatgmaildotcom.


Answer by  Chazz11bravo (0)

If you sprayed your t'p's in the evening. blight was more likely to have been the issue. T'p's get blight quite easily in wet cool conditions. natural or man made.

Reply by Chazz11bravo (0):
I forgot to mention I live in W WA ST. Blight is the sgurge here. Water/feed your plants at the base of the plant. Avoid splashing the leaves with dirt when watering. I don't any way to stop it. Water in the late morning if possible.  add a comment
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