Question by  Stef44 (6)

Can you make your own input hardware device?

I think I know my way around computers.


Answer by  Ronaldo91 (345)

Yes, the easiest way to do this is via the serial bus, there are breakout boards for serial input available to make this easier, and it is relatively simple to interact with devices via a digital serial output on the serial bus, alternatively there are some USB devices which can help with this, however speed is a major hindrance.


Answer by  GRFiELD (59)

It is very possible to create your very own input device; but to be able to link up the device to a computer would require you to have a very good knowledge of programing to create the software for your created device, and to have a great understanding of how serial or other ports read data from the input device.


Answer by  Anwar88 (112)

Yes you can. Microsoft has a hardware called KINECT. Its a a Motion sensing device. Try making a mouse pointer for Windows with hand gestures.


Answer by  a65 (32)

sure why not we can built our own input device. Which can help in many ways to interact with computer. There are so many types of input devices are there we can create anyone among so many devices. Even we can create thumb creation also. JoyStick is one of the easyist way to create.

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