Question by  Kris (797)

With an inground pool, does the light come out?


Answer by  Sara89 (367)

Generally speaking, no. Although most are designed to allow the bulbs to be replaced when they burn out. This is best done while the pool is fully or partally drained. Some in-ground pool lights have detachable lenses for changing the light's color. There are also battery powered in-ground pool lights that are not permanently attached.


Answer by  srainne (2597)

I think you're talking about winterizing. It really depends on the type of light and how deep it was put in the pool. Most of the time, if it's closer to the top of the water, you'll "sink" it by unscrewing it and tying a weight (jug with rocks works well) to it. It's still be attached via electrical wire.


Answer by  Vince62 (91)

The light doesn't just come out, if you should need to replace the light, drain the pool, remove the lens, and install a new bulb.


Answer by  phil9745 (160)

Yes. But it should only be serviced by a trained pool electrician due to the high chance of electrocution associtated with the service.


Answer by  MattK (1713)

Properly mounted and installed lighting in an inground pool should not be a source of extraneous light transmission to any place other than the below the level the surface level of the water. The water surface may reflect or transmit a glow as a result of the light reflectivity, but should not come out.


Answer by  liu44 (16)

i don't know what you mean by"light come out".you can see the pool light on the bottom if thats what you are asking.

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