Question by  begold (17)

Will the Air Guard take someone with a RE-4?


Answer by  Tina62 (20)

Very unlikely. The Air Force is already picky with who it accepts, especially people with prior service. An RE-4 typically means that you can't get back into any branch. If there is ANY possibility of getting back in with any waivers, the Army would probably be the only branch to do it... and that is still unlikely.


Answer by  ferfer72 (2623)

Most military services are putting severe restrictions on who they will take when they have previously been enlisted. If it has been more than 6 years, they almost definitely won't take you. RE-4s usually won't get taken back either.


Answer by  Bee92 (82)

In most cases no. An RE-4 is a discharge that disqualifies the person from ever re-enlisting in any branch of service, including the Guards, Reserves, etc. If you are interested in pursuing a re-enlistment, your best course of action would be to visit your local recruiter and explain the situation, they will try their best to help.


Answer by  10yearsofservice (24)

The discharge code RE-4 means you are not eligible for reenlistment in the Armed Forces. More than likely any armed forces branch is unlikely to take you.


Answer by  marine1 (6)

The air guard will not take someone with a RE-4 discharge, unless you can prove that there was an error in the original discharge.

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